TruScript Prescription Plan

What is the TruScript Prescription Plan?

Prescription Drug Access - One cost for a single or family - $19.95 / month

Nearly 60% of Americans over the age of 20 rely on prescription medications*.Over 10% of the total healthcare expenditures in the U.S. are attributable to prescription medicine.**

The TruScript Prescription Plan is like no other

Discount prescription drug cards - the market is flooded with them, pharmacies don't like them and patients pay too much.

Online pricing isn't always current, resulting in disappointment for the consumer.Prescription drug insurance - expensive, adds to the cost of any health plan and typically has limits for the amount of benefit / drugs that may be purchased under the plan each month and plan year.

TruScript - what and how does it work differently?

TruScript offers a preferred network of over 60,000 pharmacies nationally - with 'zero margin' pricing (no middlemen, no admin fees and savings passed on to the patient)

TruScript offers a Drug Pricing Schedule - organized into four (4) pricing tiers: $0.00 (over 200 drugs at no cost) $10.00 (or less) $25.00 (or less) $50.00 (or less) Over half of the top 100 drugs prescribed in 2017 are available at NO COSTAverage savings of $78 per prescription or 67% (off usual & customary price).

***TruScript offers telephonic assistance for prescription drug pricingTruScript offers access to Online Tools to identify cheaper drug alternativesTruScript offers the plan benefits to all family members.

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