Dental Insurance

$2500 dental plan with $25 annual deductible. Preventive 100% on day one of coverage. Use in-network benefits by using a dentist in the large network. Percentage of payment for basic and major increase after the first year.

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Remember the rules for good dental health:

  • Get a good cleaning and checkup every 6 months
  • Choose a good toothpaste without sugar such as NEEM Advance by Madina from your health food store or Trader Joe’s toothpaste with essential oils. Or use baking soda with or without a dash of salt.
  • If you enjoy chewing gum, choose the ones sweetened with Zilitol, Xilitol, or stevia.
  • Eat more foods which are more alkaline (less acidic) and avoid smoking.
  • Rinse your mouth with plain water, salt water, or peroxide solution in the morning.
  • Remember there is a connection between good dental health and good heart health. Avoid foods and drinks with refined sugar in them.  Thanks for reviewing this page.