Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements (also called Medigap policies) which fill in the "gaps" left by Medicare Part A and Part B. Unless you are disabled or do not qualify for some reason, you will be eligible for this valuable series of policies which are labeled A through N according to the amount of coverage you choose. You are allowed to sign up for these three months prior to your 65th birthday through three months after your 65th birthday (Initial Enrollment Period) or during the open enrollment period in the Fall of each year.

If you would like to get limited benefit alternatives, we have those available under limited benefits as well as one-on-one review of your policies in your home. I especially recommend the MD Hotline policies which allow you to talk to a board-certified physician face to face on your Android or Smart Phone, etc. from the convenience of your own home. The board-certified physician can send a prescription or refill a prescription - except pain meds - and send the prescription to your drug store; you will then receive your medical record via e-mail after each encounter in order to keep up with your own medical records. This will save you time and money and this is a pre-paid monthly service for only $19.95 per family or single. With unlimited physician encounters for the month! And a medical care discount card for Rx's, chiropractic, vision and dental; and a $7,000 helicopter benefit for transportation after a serious injury. Please feel free to sign up (any age) for MD Hotline right now at this link.

Medicare Supplements usually begin when a person turns age 65. Up through age 64, most states have the Cash Advantage Protector to supplement any plan with great benefits renewable to age 85.

Please examine the details of Cash Advantage Protection.

For those living a Christian Lifestyle, there are sharing benefits available (Part A and B of regular Medicare required) with the Medi-Share; please see Medi-Share.

We can also help you with whole life and Guaranteed Issue life plans, Grow-Up plans from Gerber Life for your grandchildren, accident plans, and annuities if you need to have a regular income stream monthly. Please send me a contact form or e-mail so I can make sure your needs are being met and your policies are being processed. Thank you and we appreciate your business.