Limited Benefit Medical

I like the limited benefit medical plans because you can choose the amount of coverage you need and save money. It should be noted that there are some limitations for these policies, and you should read the policy carefully before making your final decision. These policies may be written on a group or individual basis (see forms) and review the special benefits and sign-up opportunity for: telemedicine (letting you use your Smart phone or other visual communication device) to see and speak directly to a board-certified physician in your state. This physician can write a prescription if needed or refill one - except pain meds - and contact your drug store. After each encounter, the physician will e-mail you the medical record so you can keep track of your own records. You can find out more about MD Hotline and the other benefits included - and sign up - at this link.

If you believe these plans are too limited, please fill in the contact form and I can work with you to get a more comprehensive plan or a couple of small plans which will complement each other.

Note that the limited benefits policies available directly through this site also have a free discount card for prescriptions, vision, dental, hearing, x-rays, and lab tests."

You may want to consider adding the Cash Advantage Protector, a broad package, full of portable benefits.